Why should you support me?

It’s really up to you, I don’t mind if you wouldn’t support me but I’ll be more motivated and do more translations if I have your support.

If you do want to support me, you might wonder why should you do so. If you don’t know me, I’m a Malay translator for software, plugins, mods and documents. I’m also the core Malay translator for Minetest, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game engine and game with survival and crafting. Besides that, I’m also helping development of some software, plugins, mods and documents in other ways such as debugging or reporting issues.

By supporting me, you show that you appreciate my work. It encourages me to spend more time to do translations and support the effort of global internationalization, to help more people understand more materials. It will also help me cover the costs of hosting my servers, which currently hosting the translation website (the website you’re reading at the moment) and Malay-specific Minetest server.

Please note that you should support me only if you like what I’ve done so far or if you want to support the effort of global internationalization. Else, you don’t have to do so. :)

How to support me?

There’s many way to support me.

You could donate to me through the following medium.

Send Something

As a computer science student and a translator, I will appreciate if you send me something related to computer and languages. However, I will actually accept anything as long as it does not violate postal law and I won’t need to pay for customs. I’m not paying for customs if the item you’re sending to me get stuck in the customs office or import department.

Example of items you can send to me:

To send me softcopy or stuffs that could be transferred digitally, you can send them to the same email [email protected].

To send me hardware, physical items or letters, you can send them to my campus using the following address (which is also the same address I use when buying stuff online, it’s really my shipping address).

Muhammad Nur Hidayat (2017428054),
UniStorage, Lot 5, Bgn Parkir Bertingkat,
Universiti Teknologi MARA,
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor,
Tel: 011-14740542

I included my notification phone number which is usually required for parcel shipment. The number stated is only a notification number which uses SMS, it doesn’t accept any incoming call. (The same number also carries WhatsApp account but it is currently unuseable because I’m using personal phone number for WhatsApp) Country code is usually not needed because it’s intended for local courrier after it gets into the country, not for international courrier.